Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thank you letter

Liam Rm 6/7
IMG_20170515_164700.jpgParkvale School
Howard St
Hastings, Hawke's Bay
New Zealand

May 24, 2017

Dear Steven

I am writing this letter to say a huge thanks for coming to camp kaitawa with my class. You helped a lot in the kitchen cooking the meals dishing up the food onto the plates, Keeping us safe on the walks to make sure we didn’t fall in any holes at lou’s lookout and helping in the caves by encouraging the people who needed some help climbing and walking down steep hills.  

My highlight for camp was the dark activities especially the caving, I loved the last cave with the bat poo and we had the shimmy across the wall and jump to the ladder, Did you think the bat poo stunk the entire cave? It was funny watching some people explore the bat poo.

My second highlight was master chef. It was challenging at first but I picked it up pretty fast. My tribe cooked a meat pattie on some chips with carrots surrounding the meat pattie. Murray did not know but we put some secret chill powder and hot pepper in the pattie. It might of been cheating but  he liked it.

Did you know that lake waikaremoana was formed 2200 years ago, A landslide caused the big chunks of sandstone went flying across the sky landing on top of each other causing  gaps in between making the onepoto caves. Here's an interesting fact about the urewera region, 180 million years ago the urewera region was on the seabed. The was raised by the Pacific and indo australian tectonic plates colliding and causing it to rise. Te urewera national park is 2120 square km-largest in the North island and the 4th largest in new zealand. It has the largest remaining native forest in the North island.

Many thanks


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